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"Regressed In Foster Care II"

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Full length movie 83 minutes playing time
Featuring Melanie, Stefanie and Veronica
Based on a true story

We pick up the story a month after "Regressed In Foster Care"

Veronica is asked if she can take another troubled girl into foster care. A month ago she took in Melanie made great progress enhancing her life by regressing to an AB girl in an environment where she is unconditionally loved and totally cared for.

Even though she has her hands full she is concerned for the new girl and wants to help. A nervous and stressed Stefanie arrives later that day and is confronted by a fully grown up girl in diapers, very young style clothes and playing with toys in a playpen. Of course she is quite taken aback

Veronica explains what she does here to help traumatised girls like herself.

Stefanie has been homeless and is quite smelly so Veronica leads her into the bathroom to scrub her clean. Melanie follows and amuses herself on the floor while Veronica bathes Stefanie ignoring her protests. Chirpy little Melanie tells Stefanie she went through all this herself.

Then is gets weird for Stefanie. Veronica pushes a pacifier into her mouth and tapes on a disposable diaper. Then into a onesie just like Melanie's.

She leaves them in the playpen alone together to get to know each other but soon Stefanie needs to pee and heads for the bathroom but the door is locked. She cannot hold on any longer and thoroughly wets her diaper. When Veronica comes back into the room she discovers Melanie has wet hers too, which is quite normal these days

She has to change two diapers now

Their onesies are wet so she dresses them in matching pretty dresses. Now is time to breast feed both girls together. Stefanie is freaked out eventually realises she has to go through with it. By now both girls are getting tired and Veronica dresses them for bed. She reads them a story and lights out.

In the middle of the night Stefanie wants to make a run for it. She grabs her grown up clothes and has found Melanie's grown up clothes too. The girls try to sneak out but Veronica hears them and confronts the pair.

After some harsh words and a good spanking of Stefanie she puts them back in bed.

Morning arrives and Veronica feels both girls' diapers and they are soaking and need to be changed again.

With fresh new diapers on she dresses them in matching clothes and takes them back to the playpen. She explains to Stefanie the error of her ways attempting to remove content little Melanie from her safe place. Stefanie says she understands now and seems to be quite looking forward to her new diapered life with a full time carer.

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